October 11th - October 14th, 2018

Hosted at Sun Valley Resort

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Driving technology in the Hospitality and Resort Industries

Welcome all new or returning attendees!

The second annual Mountain Technology Symposium will be held at the famous Sun Valley Resort. We're taking up the torch to keep this exciting event moving forward. Building from the inaugural event in Telluride last year this years' symposium will bring key players in the resort and mountain industries together to address technology opportunities and challenges. This event will provide an unprecedented level of engagement, collaboration, and interaction. Each participant will be provided a unique opportunity to interact and network directly with like-minded peers within the industry. Imagine experiencing an open environment in which we can all exchange ideas and work together to come up with innovative solutions to propel us all into the future. This event will provide that environment and will bring together all of those like-minded peers to work with.

Committee Members:
Andrew Rigby, Information Technology Manager - Sun Valley Resort
Chris Jaquet, Software Specialist - Telluride Ski and Golf
Benjamin Whiting, Director of Information Technology - Telluride Ski and Golf
Paul Thomson, Director of Information Technology – Mt. Hood Meadows
Martin Cassens, Director of Information Technology – Alyeska Resort
Miah Cottrell, Director of Information Technology – Tahoe/Donner
Lisa Gentry, Director of Business Systems - Jackson Hole Mtn. Resort

Event Schedule

Travel Day - October 11th, 2018

  • Arrival

    Welcome reception and mixer at The Ram Bar

Day One - Friday October 12th, 2018

All sessions at Sun Valley Inn Conference Center

  • Breakfast

    Registration + Breakfast
    Limelight B
    Continental Room
  • Welcome, conference goals and agenda

    Limelight B
  • Session 1

    Reversing the Decline:
    Using Smart Data to Drive Guest & Instructor Retention
    Sponsored by Flaik
    Case study with Killington
    Limelight B
  • Session 2

    Track 1:
    Use Transaction Resources Inc.'s Argos to Eliminate Cardholder Data and Significantly Reduce Your PCI Scope Via End to End Encryption (E2EE) and Tokenization On RTP, Intouch and Siriusware Platforms
    Sponsored by TRI
    Case study with multiple resorts
    Limelight A
    Track 2:
    Streamlining business processes between disparate POS systems and database types

    Sponsored by Fathym
    Case study with Telluride Resort
    Limelight C
  • Session 3

    Track 1:
    SNOWsat System – Integrating Mountain Operations to gain resort wide improvements in efficiency

    Sponsored by PistenBully
    Case study with Diamond Peak
    Limelight A
    Track 2:
    Intouch CEO Sarah Defaux and Casey Parliament, SVP & GM combine 40+ years of ski industry and technology experience to present two client case studies which highlight the fundamental success factors for technology adoption, utilization and innovation within the ski resort industry. Sponsored by Connect InTouch
    Case study with New Zealand resort
    Limelight C
  • Session 4

    Track 1:
    Outdoor WiFi Infrastructure: New Snowmass Base Village Improves Guest Experience and Engagement

    Sponsored by ExtenData
    Case study with Snowmass
    Limelight A
    Track 2:
    Aspenware Unity – How Jackson Hole Mountain Resort integrates customer service and sales solutions with a single platform. Sponsored by Aspenware
    Case study with Jackson Hole
    Limelight C

  • Session 5

    Track 1:
    How to prevent ticket and pass fraud using the Axess RFID solution

    Sponsored by Axess

    Case study with multiple resorts

    Limelight A

    Track 2:
    An efficient and integrated snow school as a foundation to improve guest experience.
    Sponsored by Paradocs Mountain Software
    Case study with Fernie and Habitant.
    Limelight C
  • Dinner out
    with Sponsors

    Attendees buy own dinner

Day Two - Saturday October 13th, 2018

Please refer to each session for location information

  • Breakfast

    Limelight B
  • Keynote Speaker – Tim Silva

  • Session 6

    SKIDATA maintains a market position as a Comprehensive Solutions Provider and Systems' Integrator with over 150 ticketing/POS integrations in place. This year's presentation will focus on SKIDATA's successful implementation and Siriusware integration at Ski Bromont in the Fall 2017
    Sponsored by SkiData
    Case study with Ski Bromont
    Limelight B
  • Trade Show

    Sponsor Fair
    Limelight B

  • Peer Innovation Sessions plus Round-Table Discussion

    This is a chance for resort IT professionals to help the community.
    We already have a couple of resorts committed to presenting their unique in-house custom solutions to difficult problems and adding functionality to their systems to suit their particular business needs.
    If you are attending the symposium representing your resort and would like an opportunity to share your unique solution to the group, please fill out the Contact form below and provide details about your proposed topic.
  • Evening Activities

    Warren Miller's Line of Descent movie at the Sun Valley Opera House

Day Three - Sunday October 14th, 2018

All sessions at Sun Valley Conference Center

  • Farewell Breakfast

    Limelight B
  • Session 7

    Document archiving and electronic workflow, streamlining redundant processes
    Sponsored by ImageNet / LaserFiche
    Case Study Telluride Resort
    Limelight B

  • Session 8: Wrap up

    final discussions / goal and agenda review / which resort will host the next symposium?



Radio Frequency Identification technologies - UHF vs. HF and Software That Supports Them


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Europay, MasterCard, Visa - supporting emerging payment methods securely


Electronic Commerce - pass reload and digitizing the sales process


Bring Your Own Device - Mobile devices blurring the line between professional and personal


Enterprise Resource Planning - bringing it all together (Lodging, Food and Bev, Retail, Spa, Golf, Membership, Activities)


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Warren Miller


flaik is a real time tracking service for mountain resorts featuring elements of safety, security and fun for every skier and snowboarder.
flaik brings a new mountain experience for skiers and snowboarders whether in Ski School, with families or groups, or when participating in competitions and events.
flaik service features utilize a combination of GPS and cellular technology to provide real time tracking of the exact location of guests, their physical relationship to other guests or resort staff and performance elements such as vertical feet and runs skied. Once registered on www.flaik.com users can view their day on the mountain online and share it with friends and family.


Axess is one of the internationally leading manufacturers of ticketing and access management systems. With our production facility in Austria and worldwide sales and support locations, we have all the necessary resources to be able to serve our customers to their full satisfaction. Business fields and projects are opening up across ski resorts and destinations, fair and convention centers, stadia and arenas, leisure- and theme parks and touristic transport. In these fields, we offer complete resort solutions, customer registration and customer loyalty programs with social media integration and also numerous standardized interfaces to third-party systems. Individually tailored solutions are developed for individual projects based on proven standard technologies. We convince with innovative hardware and also the most modern software modules. Starting from our standard system, we offer tailor-made solutions for every area of application.

ExtenData Logo Image

As a long time NSAA member and industry supplier, over 75 ski and resort customers rely on our experienced team and innovative solutions to solve a wide range of resort and ski area business challenges and helps streamline business solutions related to RFID rental equipment inventory tracking, Hotel and on-mountain WiFi networks, Ticket and pass printing solutions, Rugged mobile computers for retail and on-mountain needs and Lift access control through RFID gates. ExtenData helps customers provide top notch service while reducing costs and creating a competitive advantage.


Aspenware is a trusted software services company that has been located in Denver, CO for over 16 years. Having worked with dozens of ski resort operators and vendors, they "come alongside" and partner with their clients to help them solve tough and value-based technical challenges faced within their businesses. With a specialty in ecommerce and guest-engagement applications, Aspenware is the Go-To custom development and consulting shop with the deepest technical chops stacked with the most advanced know-how and experience in the ski industry.

Transaction Resources Incorporated

Transaction Resources Inc. (TRI) was incorporated in 1993, with a commitment to provide high-quality payment solutions, hands-on sales & customer service and competitive rates to its clients. Founders, David Frick, Jesse Snyder and Phil Kluge, brought years of combined experience in bankcard processing, transaction processing, payment hardware and software, sales, service and management to the table.

Pisten Bully
Pisten Bully


In most cases, this has changed little since the 1600's. While technology changes at an ever increasing pace, business processes driven by the movement of paper have not. Many studies reveal the inefficiencies of paper-based processes. While most business professionals agree with these findings, they do not possess the time or expertise to evaluate and improve the situation. This is where ImageNet Consulting defines its value proposition; uncovering problems, consulting and evaluating options, then delivering on solutions that enhance productivity while reducing costs and positively impacting the business' bottom line. ImageNet Consulting provides a vast array of solutions and experience to manage business processes. The most compelling argument to allow our company to help improve these processes is our independence from manufacturer ownership. This independence allows our company to deliver best-in-class solutions with flexibility not offered by a single line dealer or manufacturer. Through our manufacturer-agnostic and solution-led approach, we are able to offer best-in-class technologies to meet our customer's needs. This requires a clear vision of the future and a nimble company that constantly reinvents itself while keeping ahead of the latest technology developments. imagenetconsulting.com

Paradocs Mountain Software

Paradocs Mountain Software is dedicated to delivering solutions designed for ski resorts. Paradocs’ staff are skiers at heart. We have more than 15 years of experience as resort employes. With this experience we have developed a fully integrated software platform to support all functions of the ski resort. We listen to our customers challenges, consider their specific needs and leverage business intelligence to provide tailored advice for their unique situation.

SkiData Logo Image

Perfect access management begins at your customer's home.

Perfect access management does not only play an important role at the ski resort. It does not start at the cash desk on site, but rather at your customer´s home, such as with the purchase of online tickets. And it does not end with the last descent down the mountain. Because bonus points, valuable information about the ski day, and numerous other benefits make sure that the perfect ski day continues to provide value. For your guests – but also for you: All relevant facts and figures are available at a glance ensuring professional post-processing of information, facilitating cutting-edge marketing activities, and enabling long-term contact with your customers directly in the home.
With SKIDATA you have the right partner by your side to realize and to benefit from a system which goes far beyond the traditional concept of access management. The SKIDATA solution offers a 360° perspective that not only takes your needs into account, but also the needs of your guests. Create comprehensive customer experiences with the SKIDATA Customer Journey.

e4soft Logo Image

E4soft is a fully integrated, real-time data management system that combines common core capabilities with rich domain expertise. The system provides unique, easy to use and guest centric functions for all areas of your operation. The platform helps you to operate your facilities from one unified base, while being able to see a complete 360 degree view of your operation in order to optimize each guest's experience. E4soft was founded in 2004 by a team of IT experts, and the integrated system for recreation attractions, clubs and resorts has been developed over the last ten years. With an implementation base of over 150 sports centers and 50 ski resorts, E4soft is rapidly becoming a major player in the recreation industry.

Cenium Logo Image

Cenium’s goal is to deliver solutions for all core hospitality business processes needed for small boutique hotels, business hotels, conference hotels and resorts, regardless if you operate as an independent property or a chain.

InTouch Connect Logo Image

Intouch Technology Group was formed to develop business systems for the ski industry and recreational facilities globally. In 2013 Intouch joined forces with New Zealand tourism leader, Trojan Holdings.
Trojan, founded and operated by the Queenstown based Davies family, operate three ski areas in the Southern Alps and have had a long association with tourism through their holdings in Ultimate Hikes, AJ Hackett Bungy and the Hermitage Hotel at Mt Cook.
Trojan’s depth of expertise and significant resources in tourism, along with access to new investment, is building a platform to grow Intouch globally. The Intouch product has been deployed and expanded across Trojan’s tourism properties since 2003 supporting the growth of those businesses.
Intouch was one of the first touchscreen ticketing systems based on the Windows operating system. In 1996 Intouch opened an office in California installing systems for ice rinks and ski areas and, based on word of mouth, more clients from various industries adopted Intouch as their business system. Intouch pioneered hand held ticket scanning for access control at ski areas and many other innovations as the systems and the industry matured.

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