Mountain Tech Symposium Goes Digital for 2020 Event

The 2020 Mountain Technology Symposium will be a digital event this year!

The Event planning committee and National Ski Areas Association reached this decision given the current world climate, uncertainty of the ability to hold large gatherings, tight budgets and furloughed staff at many resorts. Though we are disappointed we will not see everyone in person, it is a tech conference so lets use some tech! Nobody needs more Zoom meetings in their life now, so rest assured that we are working to create engaging content and topics.

Many of us are finding that technology is, simultaneously, the saving grace and Achilles heel of our operations. While this has always been the case, now more than ever we are tasked with finding out how to use technology to keep our operations safely chugging along (for both front and back of house!) We are all being challenged to come up with solutions to existing and new problems, many times on less than full staffing levels and operating levels. How we respond to this opportunity will truly define how well we fare in the brave new digital world. Utilizing technology to solve new business problems, streamline booking, re-loading and fulfillment in a touchless-centric way are great goals. Now their importance is at the forefront of our ability to transact business and keep our guests safe when visiting our resorts.

We have a little time before winter starts, and software vendors are rising to the challenge and working with resorts to fast-track new programs that will assist us in having a successful 20/21 winter season. Our colleagues in the Southern Hemisphere have already learned several valuable lessons about operations during a global pandemic. These lessons and some new approaches to traditional guest services are sure to be a big part of our discussions this year.


We want to hear what topics you want to talk about this year,  please take our survey of Resort Tech Challenges.  

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This year more than ever, we need your participation to get the conversation going. Encouraging collaboration as well as having fun while exploring technical problems is what the Mountain Technology Symposium is all about. This year’s input method is just a bit different.

Stay tuned to for more details on event registration, agenda details and content and sponsorship announcements. We look forward to hearing what you have to add to the conversation!